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Text for Page 104 [12-18-1861]

	  Wendell Phillips� Lecture.
us.     To three of the concert-hells, returning
by 10 �.      Shepherd tried hard to get some
of his money from me, on our return, to go
to a brothel kept by �Belle� (Cahill�s corres-
pondent) but failing, went to bed.
  I�m getting horribly nauseated of this dreary
drunkenness and profligacy on the part both of
him and Cahill and must see about finding
a decenter abode than this is, at present.   Only
my overplus of books and baggage has prevented
this for some time.
  19.  Thursday.   Writing Concert-Saloon
article for the Post.  Shepherd intermittently pre-
sent       In the evening with him and Boweryem
to hear Wendell Phillips� lecture on the war, at the 
Cooper Institute.   My ticket admitting me to the
platform, we parted.      The building crowded, bet-
ween four and five hundred policemen present, in
anticipation of the possibility of a row; not all
of them visible.    Saw Wilbur and other news-
paper men I knew.       A fine lecture, vehemently
applauded at times, though not for
its best utterances.      No small triumph for this
man who has denounced slavery for a quarter
of a century, to find himself popular and to see
the North mounting, step by step, as yet un-
willingly, but inevitably, to his platform.  He               
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