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Text for Page 106 [12-19-1861]

would come home drunk and sociably deter-
mined to share his bed, which he was desirous
of avoiding.     He proved correct in his judgment,
for I heard the miserable inebriate staggering
upstairs to the room opposite to mine, an hour
after midnight.
  20.  Friday.   Writing steadily all day till
7 at Concert-hall article.    Shepherd intermittent.
Left him, rather matagrabolized, in the evening
after persistently refusing to let him have $3
of his own money, in entreaty for which he had
written sundry absurd notes, a la Micawber,
from the other side of the table, signing them,
�Frightful Examp.� and �The Writer,� &c. �
and went to 745, by way of acknowledgement
of my Christmas invitation.  Only the two girls
at home, papa and mamma having gone on a 
visit to the Nasts.     Chaff and chat, then set
them singing.  Jack home from drill, in a new
gray uniform faced with red; anon Mr. and 
Mrs. Edwards.     Talk of the Mason and Slidell
row and things for half an hour, then back
to my room and Shepherd.  He must needs go
out for whiskey, returning with it and profes-
sing to be greatly troubled in mind about the
embargo on Salt Petre in England!    We had
tods and presently he retired to his room, where               
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