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Text for Page 111 [12-22-1861]

         Results of Thomson�s Second Marriage.
to him; all of them are reaping as they sowed,
and the poor girl lying under the clods in Green-
wood is avenged.      Grace and Fanny hate Mrs.
Thomson; Mort is away with Cliff in Virginia
working hard and sadly to keep 
the double family and, in Haney�s words, the
punishment falls hardest on the one who had nothing
to do with the match � Mort�s Father.          Grace
gets her income � and spends it.     Ed. Welles, who
long ago, discontinued his visits at 745, though
he liked to go thither, is in Washington.
He couldn�t be friends with the Edwards-
es and at peace with Fanny and the Thomsons.
He has some office under government.     Willis-
ton was not at 745 last Christmas, nor will
be there this one; he lives at Palensville, kept,
I suppose by his good wife.  He was a bad lot;
maintained a woman and her family, neglected
his wife, escheated two watches confided to him
by Haney, came to a smash generally.              To
Bellew�s unsuccessfully, he being out.
  23.  Monday.   A drenching day.        In doors
writing.    Shepherd left at 1 o�clock, intending
to return to Jersey, by boat and rail, but 
came back at 4 and remained during the eve-
ning.      We saw Cahill once, at 8. P. M.  He
was sober.               
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