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              [newspaper clipping]
     For the Union and Advertiser.
		   The Stranger.
We bravely boast, a native host,
  Whilst peace and joy surrounds us;
But laugh to scorn, the foreign born
  Whom tyrants throw around us.
We little heed, how much we need,
  Those foreign hearts in danger.
For then, beside our flag,�our pride�
  We always find the stranger!

Our native birth seems little worth
  W�en peril is our portion;
We rant and rave, but never save,
  Our land by true devotion!
�Tis only then, we look for men,
  To face the impending danger,
Nor fail to find the matchless kind
  In some brave exiled stranger!

But most of all, we love to call,
  Upon the sons of Erin,
Whose very name awakes a flame
  That some call reckless daring!
So in the van, we place that man
  To shield us from the danger.
And though he fall�what matters all,
  He still was but a stranger!

But when once more, from shore to shore,
  Our starry flag is streaming;
Rebellion crushed, and treason hushed�
  Peace o�er the nation beaming!
Shall we forget, the lasting debt,
  We owe the gallant stranger?
Who risked his life in that dark strife
  To save us from its danger.
Rochester, Dec., 1861.	EUGENIE A. BOINTON.

[Gunn�s handwriting]

Sent by Mrs B. or Heylyn               
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