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Text for Page 017 [11-01-1851]

  1. Saturday.   At the Traveler Office, where I found
Hawkins and Morey.   Hawkins very stylishly dressed, well-fit-
ting coat, superfine pants, black satin vest, varnished boots, and
with about two feet of watch chain hanging from his vest, little watch,
and minature daguerotype of his wife attached to it.  [words crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[words crossed out]   			He left.  Talk with
Holbrook & Hitchcock. [words crossed out]   To Pearl
Street, worked on map till dinner.   At 4 crossed to Brook-
lyn, called & saw Fagan, rest out.  To Atlantic Street,
and got rowed across the chill water to the Island.   There
found Barth in company with the Mexican camarado Wayland,
whom I met there before, and who now appeared in mili-
tary blue.   Saw Beukman & Creecy � Writing for
Traveller & Yankee Doodle.  Did not get to bed till near
2 o�clock.
  2. Sunday.  With Barth, writing all day.  Doctor
Dionysius Doodle�s Comic Lectures in Chemistry & Anatomy.
Mr Traggles account of a Great Exhibition, (Genin�s) &c.
&c.  All for Yankee Doodle.  Bed at 12.  Dull rainy
  3. Monday. Writing a little, then out to hear the               
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