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Text for Page 115 [12-25-1861]

	         Mrs Bellew and Cahill.
that renders all the others superfluous justice.  He has
befriended me, got me occasional jobs, but he hasn�t
paid me the �5 received for me in London � pro-
bably won�t.  (It�s a small matter, but an illustra-
tion.)      As he is in conduct, so is he in art.   Ama-
zingly prolific and humorous, fanciful, funny,
clever and effective, he often draws out of proportion,
almost always carelessly.    In fact he hates labor
� everything involving trouble; would ra-
ther believe in roseate fiction than unpleasant truth
any day.      Thus he detests Thackeray and can see
nothing to justify the reputation of Jerrold.          I
don�t think his wife exerts a beneficial influence on
him and am pretty sure he has paid dearly for his
whistle as all of us must do � especially if we purchase
in a forbidden market.     By the way, Cahill used to
curry favor with her in England by abusing the coun-
try that didn�t appreciate his merits.    Here he is a
rampant American, and has had the impudence to
talk it to me � when he got his answer.     America
is welcome to him.    To return: I left Bellew�s
by 7 and rode to within an easy distance of 745.  The
basement pretty full already: Mr. and Mrs Ed-
wards, the girls, Ann, Mrs George, the children,
Haney, the two Crocketts, the sisters of both and wife of
one, Nast, Jack, Tousey and others.        Talk
with the Crocketts, Haney and Mrs George � with               
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