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Text for Page 116 [12-25-1861]

		Christmas at 745.
the latter about her husband, now at Port Royal.
Tea, after more arrivals.     Then up-stairs, to
the present shop and show room, above the old one.
A dance, while the performances are getting ready.
Other arrivals, the two Browns with their pretty
sister, some dancing youths whom I didn�t know,
the Russells and Morris.        The curtain
uprose at length and Jack, got up as Hermann
the prestidigitateur, with Mephistopholian eyebrows,
mustache and imperial, went through sundry con-
juring tricks, with considerable success, Haney act-
ing as assistant.      Then followed Punch and Judy,
the puppets being replaced by living persons, the
stage appropriately enlarged.     Nast played Punch,
Jack, Judy, and the rest of the characters, inclu-
ding devil and hangman.   This was but a mode-
rate success, for it frightened the children. Punch�s
voice, too, might have been better, though Nast did
the London street hero pretty well.            Then dan-
cing set it steadily till near midnight, when we
descended to the basement, to punch, ice-cream,
cakes, speeches, toasts and Haney�s poem.      A
tranquil smoke and drink with paterfamilias,
Haney and the Crocketts, while the juniors were
dancing overhead, until 2 A. M.               I danced
but twice during the party; once with Mrs. George
(as nobody asked her) and once, to make up the               
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