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Text for Page 119 [12-28-1861]

	      Boarding House Doings.
poem to them.    About the outrage by the �Knick-�
erbocker people, Morris thought of writing to the prin-
cipal daily papers, and asked my advice on the sub-
ject!       After a glass of ale together, we parted.
To the E. P. office; saw Maverick in an exceeding-
ly disgusted state at the news of the surrender of
the Southern Commissioners. Article 2 about Con-
cert-hells in; got $13.50 below for both.        Up
town by 2 �.    Jack Edwards and Haney visited
me this evening, staying till 10 �.   We talk-
ed England and America over bottles of ale.
  Cahill has been comparatively sober throughout
the week, having no money.  On Friday he paid
our landlady all but $2 of what he owes her.    He
don�t come up in my room and I don�t want him
to.          Mrs. and Miss Geary appeared at our din-
ner-table to-day, and spent the evening with the Irish-
ry (exclusive of the unappreciated Ham) in the room
of Mrs. Jewell, whose big keeper is away at Wash-
ington.  (When angered, he swears at her and 
calls her all the wh___s and b_____s in the world.)
All the party regaled themselves with hot brandy
and water and cackle and Boweryem, being sent for,
as an ulterior escort home to the Gearys, was formally
introduced to the beef-faced Leahy, whose powers of
speech he had previously slandered.   Thus the hat-
chet was buried between the little man and the Irishry.               
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