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Text for Page 121 [12-28-1861]

	          Yewell from Paris.
wall.    I keep my door locked in the day-time.
  There were three parties in progress, this eve-
ning at our boarding-house; mine, that in the 
Jewell�s room, and one in the basement, where
Cahill, Softly, old Jewitt, Mrs. Boley and perhaps
Ham were having �something hot.�
  29.  Sunday.   Turning out for a walk in
company with Boweryem, met George Yewell, whom
I had imagined in Paris.            The civil war in
progress here has obliged him to follow his pat-
rons.      With him to the studio of Baker, his
friend and fellow-artist, atop of a tall buil-
ding in Broadway.   Looking over Yewell�s stu-
dies and pictures.   Of one, representing three
young women seated amid park foliage, I asked
whether the centre figure was from life.  �That�s
Madame!� he replied with a smile.     It depic-
ted a sunny-faced girl with auburn curls.          He
had studies from the old masters of figure-pictures,
cattle, landscapes, heads, everything, creditable to
his industry.         He had seen Bob Gun, both in
Paris and recently in London, returning by the
Arago, which brought General Scott hither.   The
wife of Bob, bye the bye, broke her leg in two
places, by a cab accident some months ago, and
her health has been impaired ever since.     Beckett
Bellew told me she was a hearty, jolly woman,               
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