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Text for Page 122 [12-29-1861]

	    Morris�s Boarding-House.
the soul of hospitality.    Bob�s matrimonial
life however has not been entirely harmonious;
he dissipates occasionally and, once, Beckett had
to interfere to reconcile man and wife and prevent
their parting.               Return to dinner.     By 5 �
to Morris� boarding-house as promised, finding
him in a top room adjoining that in which Bowery-
em and I visited him a year and a half
ago.    Supped with him.  It�s a stylish boarding
house, yet he pays but $4 a week owing to the
influence of the extraordinary Mrs Bryant.  Mor-
ris is unchanged � amiable as weak tea; kindly,
irrtable and thin-skinned as ever.    As another prea-
cher occupied Chapin�s pulpit, we, after ascertain-
ing that, went to 745.          Mr and Mrs E. and
Ann present, after church came the girls, Nast,
Jack and Honeywell, and anon Haney.   He had
been to Jim Parton�s as usual and related how
Jim had �determined� that he wouldn�t allow ano-
ther Christmas to pass as this had � himself away
from the Edwardses.      Haney seemed to pronounce
this as a sort of triumph, but I thought that present
fact rather conflicted with that view of it.     The
Arch-Bitch is just now rampantly anglophobic:
she would �perish to the last man rather than � � fid-
dlestick.       Mort Thomson stayed buy a day in town
on his recent visit.                  Saw Haney and Morris               
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