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Text for Page 123 [12-29-1861]

	      A Jewish Family Party.
on their way home at leaving 745.
  30.  Monday.   Writing.     Down town by 12 �
to E. Post office, Godwin not in.  Up town.  Wri-
ting during the afternoon.
  31.  Tuesday.   Down town, saw Godwin; pro-
posed an expedition through Dixie by way of Ken-
tucky.    Chores during the afternoon.      In the
evening, calling on Haney at 16th street, found 
Selwyn with him, recently arrived from Boston
being engaged as scene-painter at Nible�s.   Lea-
ving them, went to 19th street, to the residence of
a certain �Lieutenant-Colonel� Joachimsen, who
was to have trappings and horse-furniture
presented to him, and who had sent a note
to that effect to the �Times,� offered to me by
Cahill.     The colonel and all his guests were
Jews, I myself being, I suppose, the only un-
circumcised person present.   Such an array of
hooky noses, turgid lips and black hair I
never witnessed, except at Mordecai�s festival,
subsequent to the serenade, in Charleston, South
Carolina, of which occasion I was strongly re-
minded.     We assembled in a little, narrow par-
lor, hung round with prints and pictures, the com-
pany overflowing into the passage.  We talked of
the war, of course, and of England, and I soon
found that my Hebew friends didn�t believe in               
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