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Text for Page 125 [12-31-1861]

		Last Night of 1861.
possibility.     Then, seeing me about to depart, the
company drank �the Press,� and I responded: No
other newspaper men were present               To 745,
finding Mr. and Mrs. Edwards in the basement,
Haney, Selwyn and the family upstairs.     Stayed
there talking over brandy and water, till the
rest descended, and thus saw the Old Year
out and the New One in.       A cold, windy
night as I turned out, encountering Bowery-
em at our door-step, conveying one of our fe-
male boarders back from an expedition down town,
to hear the bell-ringing at Trinity Church,
by Ayliffe, landlord of �the Store� in our Street.
This female boarder is a Mrs. Chamberlain,
a middle-aged woman, gray-haired and po-
sessing the aspect of a lady.  I believe she wants
to obtain employment as a governess.
  I�d like to be at Chacombe just now.

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