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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 140

Next, absent find
Who to my mind
  One of the true right sort is,
My old friend Jim,
We know of him,
  Biography his forte is.

To Hilton Head,
Serrell has led
  A thousand patriots stern all,
And we are � well!
An empty shell,
  Bereft of our colonel.

�Neath Sam�s pennant
George, Lieutenant,
  Sailed for a rebel strand, oh!
Like some old dwelling,
Past all selling,
  Left-tennant-less we stand, oh!

Then don�t forget
While here we�re met
  To make our Christmas cheer,
To drain a cup,
Turned bottom up,
  To the gallant volunteer.               
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