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Text for Page 020 [11-06-1851]

              albeit with the Italianized quaverings whilk it is
emotionary to add to the simple Scottish air.      Parted
with Morey on the conclusion,  and through the chill
night air to Franklin Street.   Then drawing for an hour
and then to bed.
  7.  Friday.  Did drawing on wood, to Traveler
Office, to Millers, and there till 2, Traveler again.
Evening writing rest of Chapter 5 of Ike Chivvles
for the morrows printers.
  8. Saturday.  To Office with copy.  To Millers,
finished big map title, fearful deal of work in�t too.
Traveler Office, Hallocks &c, Castle Garden, here
& there.  Out nightfall in at the Office, Holbrooks
wife & boy came.  Boy a fine little chap.     Evening
crossed to Brooklyn, called on the Dunsiers, both
out, so back.
  9.  Sunday.  Drawing till 8 in the evening.  The
Barnum and Lola Montez affair.     Then, Mr Great-
batch & Fred, calling on me,  to Mulberry Street with
them.  There till 10 1/2, then back, writing a sheet
or two then bed.
  10.  Monday. To Traveler Office &c &c
To Canal Street � with carman, got all my things.
Placing them aright.   Afternoon down town, busy
enow, Barth called at evening. Stayed an hour               
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