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Text for Page 149 [01-01-1862]

		January 1862.
  1.  Wednesday.   A lovely day, sunny and
mile; too much so for the seasons.   Up town. Cal-
led at Chapin�s in pursuance of a resolution made
annually; saw his wife, he unable to receive visi-
tors, in consequence of gout.   To W. Leslie�s.  An
hour there talking with Mrs Leslie and a friend
of hers.        Thence across the town through the
now breezy and cold afternoon to Bellew�s.
Found the two brothers up stairs, rather languid
and slow in the darkened apartment, certain
festive preparations going on below, �Mrs Bel-
lew being about to give a party� to her relatives.
From the manner of the brothers as they accom-
panied me towards the 8th Avenue (after half an
hour�s visit) I judged that both hated the
approaching festivity.   F. B. spoke resignedly
about it, as he went for liquor glasses, Beckett
professed himself �infernally blue� and said he�d
like to go aside in a corner and be very sick.   It
may be that Bellew�s Anglophobia is being curiously
punished; the disappointment of the pair
in England and consequent abuse of it, have ena-
bled Mrs B. to assert herself in an ultra Ameri-
canism, with the assistance of her relatives.   To
Bleecker Street, rather dull myself.        The face-
tious Le Blond there, with his gray hair dyed of               
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