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Text for Page 150 [01-01-1862]

	    Mrs. Brinton tries the Stage.
a deep brown, fraternizing with the owlish Brad-
shaw.   They had been paying New Years calls,
I think in company � delightful visitors.     Thought
of going to 745, but felt indisposed, so went
to bed by 9, and read for an hour or so.      I�m
generally glad when these holidays are over.
  2.  Thursday.   A letter from Heylyn.
�Everything goes on as usual.   x   x   Mrs. B. went
on the stage, but only tried it one night; she did
not like the crowd she had to associate with (!);
she has gone to housekeeping� � expenses defrayed
from Acre Lane, Brixton, of course.        �My wife
and me live about as usual, that is to say we
exist.   I perhaps am to blame, but my whole
happiness seems concentrated in Eugenie.   x   x
Do you think Eugenie stands any chance to write
for any Periodical and obtain any compensation
for it.�  (Which I don�t.)    Thus Heylyn.     Wri-
ting.   Cahill up part of the time; he has beha-
ved pretty well for the last week or so.  Yewell
and Howland up, after 7 P. M. the latter talk-
ing of returning to Paris by Saturday�s
steamer.    He is considerably changed in appearance;
has a beard, looks hearty, and has been rus-
ticating down-east.     Out together.  Left them
and went to Clinton Hall, to hear the lec-
ture of C. F. Browne, otherwise �Artemus Ward.�               
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