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Text for Page 152 [01-02-1862]

	�Artemus Ward�s� Lecture.
A cold hall and a pretty full house, mostly
dead-heads.  Saw Haney enter and in conversa-
tion with F. Wood, who is �hagent� for Artemus.
Was joined by Jack Edwards.             The lecture
proved awful rot, stale Joe Millerisms and
resuscitated rubbish from Vanity Fair.  I heard
the great raw laugh of the �hagent� amid those
of others, though the bosh didn�t encounter a warm
reception.  New York audiences are the best-natured
in the world I believe; the stuff would have pro-
voked a storm of hisses in London.     Departing,
found Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, Haney, Morris
and an unmarried sister of his � all dead-heads,
like myself.      We were unanimous about the
�Babes in the Wood.�     With Haney and the Ed-
wardses to 745, cheery talk, cold punch, and
Christma pudding, and the society of the pleasant
Matty and the (temporarily) sleepy Eliza.
  3.  Friday.   Writing.    Down town to the E. P.
office.  Return; writing.    In the evening, at Bow-
eryem�s invitation accompanied him to pay a visit
to the Robertsons, about whom he has talked
of late in his usual enthusiastic manner.  My ir-
repressible little friend has established a sort of
partnership with a Captain Robertson, for the
purchase and sale of postage-stamps, by which he
confidently anticipates a handsome income may be               
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