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Text for Page 021 [11-10-1851]

              or so.
  11. Tuesday.  To Pearl Street.  A letter from Mr Hart
hurrying.   Traveler Office here and there  & Pearl Street,
Busy and anxious and ill, Wrote to Mr Hart.  Night, to
Brooklyn, called on Roberts.
  12. Wednesday.  Traveler, Pearl Street &c  Ill and 
anxious, poor, shabbily dressed & ice-cold weather. No time
to think, much less put down incidents.  Davis,  Waud�s sailor
shop-mate with me in the evening.     And a letter from George
Bolton came.   He anticipates the spring will see him here
again.   I would.  I were a [word crossed out] ploughman.  My very
soul aches.
  {13. Thursday.      Each day at Pearl Street, working 
  14. Friday.}      till 6.  Joe and out of the Traveler
Office during going to and from Millers.    Working hard
with Pen or pencil during the Evenings.   Mr Johns called
on one of them.  He in business as an Architect in Wil-
liamsburgh, saith he has two churches to build or there-
anent.   Wrote life of Kossuth for paper, and did big portrait.
  15. Saturday. At Pearl Street, nearly finished view,
but not content with it and the time occupied, wrote off to
Mr Hart at 2.   There again in the afternoon. Talk
with Miller�s son during the close of the day.   Father
and son free-thinkers; well read men, and agreable.
Learnt from the son that mine excellently shallow [word crossed out]               
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