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Text for Page 156 [01-03-1862]

	          Boutcher on Bellew.
in the getting up of that unlucky British Volun-
teers business, the recruits to which were drafted
into other regiments.   He does nothing, now, beyond pro-
secute his claims for money due from the state or
government � and the postage-stamp business.    Mrs.
R. plays � when she can get an engagement.
  4.  Saturday.   A short letter from Boutcher,
dated Westerbourne Grove, where he has �a snug
little house with a largish garden, and� is �as
comfortable as a man could well wish to be.�  He
says he sent me a letter a year ago (which I
don�t recollect receiving), that �what with drawing
and writing� he has �been doing very well, working
chiefly for the �Building News,� with an occasional
article in the �Gentleman�s Magazine.�   His wife
has brought him a son, now three months old.
Anon comes the real gist of his letter: �By the
way you may tell Bellew from me that he might
as well have called and said �Good Bye� o me,
and paid the �5 he borrowed.          I think my-
self jolly lucky that I did not lend him more;
anyway if he could not pay it, he might have
said so and arranged to forward it.       I don�t
know what report he took back to America but
he was sadly disgusted with England.   We British-
ers evidently did not appreciate him; i. e., we did
not take him at his own valuation.     He thought               
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