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Text for Page 157 [01-03-1862]

	     Boutcher�s Loss of 5 Pounds.
to come here and run side by side with Leech, but
failing to do so, everything English was a mistake.
He did onex cut for Punch, besides initials and wrote,
I believe, a very dull article.     They were satisfied
to go no further; he was so, I believe, to go back
home, saying that he had achieved his object.   He
came to do something for �Punch� and had done
so.   He gave to me his autograph on an I. O. U.
which I still retain, and I gave him mine on a
checque which he immediately got the �5. for.
I should now like to get the same amount for
his, and if I don�t get it soon, I shall adver-
tise it for sale conspicuously in a New York
paper.   I am not going to sit quietly under
such unworthy treatment.�   Of minor items
Boutcher adds that Purdue is doing nothing par-
ticular, that young Allom proposes matrimony
in the spring, and that George Clarke still contin-
ues in the same quiet, steady, hearty friend in Gt.
James St.                Thus with Bellew and Boutcher
it�s a case of diamond cut diamond.       Boutcher,
independent, with a monied wife (for I trow
that neither the �Building News� nor the �Gentleman�s
Magazine,� entirely support the current expenses

  x Four, to my recollection, exclusive of the half-page
outline heading his article.               
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