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Text for Page 160 [01-04-1862]

	      �The Mejor� in England.
ago, he represented his unknown sister-in-law�s
fortune as something colossal; I remember Haney�s
retailing the news to me and my private specula-
tions whether there might not be something Irish
about it.        Well, decidedly there was.   She had some
money, but not much; Cahill and Bob Gun used
to chaff about it in England, at first magnifying
the stated sum enormously, then commencing a des-
cending scale until they made it infinitessimal.    I
refer a certain of F. B.�s objections to England �
to the difficulty of getting money that was coming to
you � legal forms &c � to this matter of Beckett�s.
Captain Bellew, the father had some share in
the �American Agency� (a project of F. B�s.) but was
so costive about paying up, that Bob Gun got wroth
about it.           He, Captain B., had married a Tem-
ple � I suspect the only English member of
the family.     The �Mejor� seems entirely dropped
by them; they are altogether reticent about
him, and can hold their tongues well enough on 
occasion.  Indeed that broad-chested warrior would
appear to have grown unusually raffish and dis-
reputable.   He grossly insulted a decent girl
at the Sydenham palace, by an obscene gesture,
when drunk, and took liberties with a woman in
the railroad car, when she cried for the police
and Gun and Cahill were only too glad to escape               
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