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Text for Page 162 [01-05-1862]

	   Projects of more Travelling.
Britain will bear with fortitude � and of Fanny
whom Mat very honestly pronounced �a beast.�
Continued walk; returned; writing, during the
afternoon, and to Leslie�s afterwards, supping
there and staying till 10 �.
  6.  Monday.   Writing in doors all the snowy
day.  The first heavy storm of the season.  Lonely
and matagrabolized. 
  7.  Tuesday.   Down-town to E. P. office.   Saw
Salter, Godwin and Henderson, talk with the lat-
ter about correspondence projects, first from
Dixie, then Canada.      No go, after some weary wait-
ing.      Met Bellew, with him to Haney�s, to Crook
and Duff�s, to the �Herald� Office and to that of
John Bonner, in Exchange Place, near Wall Street,
the last two calls were made in pursuance of a
project of mine, to make a rapid corresponding
tour through Canada; Bonner the �money
editor� of the Herald promised to see Hudson about
it.          Loafing with Bellew during the rest of the
afternoon.          Talking with Brightly, J. Wood,
Glover and others at Crook and Duff�s; Bellew
condemning everything English, praising everything
American.           It was very dreary.     Up town, over-
taking Mullen and walking with him.             Indoors
all the evening.
  8.  Wednesday.   A letter from Mary Anne, prin-               
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