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Text for Page 022 [11-15-1851]

              [words crossed out] acquaintance, Master Pope had at one
period attempted prussic-acidizing himself,  and all 
for the love of Mary Taylor, the plump and popular
actress, who hath, it seems played fast and loose
with any amount of young Roscuises.     Well, he
looks capable of it, in Faith!   / He apes atheism
too, and [words crossed out]     Mrs Kidder assumes a theological
superiority over him, on the grounds of possesing some sort
of indefinite belief in Deity and Bliss hereafter; �
because forsooth, a being of her intellect &c &c
deserved it.     Amusingly impious.  /         Evening, drawing
over night and writing till late.     Some dozen or so
of small cuts, rebusses and comicalities.  Bed by 1.
   16.  Sunday.  Drawing and writing till 2, then
having dined off down town.   The Traveler office clo-
sed so left my cargo of wood-blocks at Dunlaps over
the way for Holbrook in the morning, and crossed the
South Ferry to Brooklyn, found Long, and was rowed
across to Governors Island .  A chill wintry sunset,
great slate colored clouds all above, till a strait line
of hot dusky-hued yellow ended them, throwing out
trees and buildings on the island in strong relief.  A
breeze blowing, and the waves worrying about with no-
torious clamor.     Landing, and wrapping my new $17
coat about me, (obtained per order, in return for that               
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