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Text for Page 163 [01-08-1862]

	           The thrifty �World.�
cipally about her boy.    Down-town,
to F. Leslie�s.  W. Waud there.   He is not on
the staff of artists now, but draws as an outsider.
To the �Herald� office, saw Hudson; no go as to
Canada project.       Up into the �World� office, saw
Croly.      Stedman has got some office in Washington;
he is not a regular correspondent of the paper. 
Cobb is supposed to be at the capital also.   The �World�
does not flourish exceedingly; it has cut down expen-
ses to the minimum; what employees there are, have,
in Croly�s phrase, �to work like the devil.�         Up
town, writing all the afternoon.           In the eve-
ning to West Houston Street, intending to call on
Scoville.   Rang the bell several times � dog barked �
nobody at home apparently.     Return to 132; Bower-
yem up for an hour or two � talk of the Robertsons,
from whom he had brought a present of a �Finnan
  9.  Thursday.   Writing in doors, a dreary
thaw without.    In the evening to 745.  Pater-
familias, Matty, Eliza and Selwyn, anon Haney;
later in the evening Mrs. Edwards, and Jack.    A
pleasant evening; stories and chat.              To-day
Cahill brings home little Watson to lunch and
subsequently inducts him into the house as a boarder,
guaranteeing his payment for one week.      He does
this out of pity for the little rogue�s condition,               
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