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Text for Page 167 [01-10-1862]

	           The jolly Robertsons.
table � would go out, to the theatre afterwards.
With Boweryem to visit the Robertsons.  Another
jolly evening; this time roasting oysters (of which
were provided a coal-scuttle full) drinking ale,
Bourbon whiskey and listening to the former Mrs.
Brougham�s stories.      Left near 12; a fog
pervading the damp, dreary, disagreable city.
  11. Saturday.   In doors all the dreary, sleety
foggy day, writing or trying to.
  12.  Sunday.   Loafing till evening, the prospect
out of doors being disgusting.   At 9 to 745.
The family (barring the Nasts) there, Haney and
Polhemus.  Stayed till 11 �.
  13.  Monday.   Down-town, to the �Post� Office, saw
Maverick.  Looked in at Haney�s, Bellew there.
Up-town.    Writing during the afternoon and eve-
ning.                  I believe Bellew is miserable in his
domestic relations, and what I hear incidentally
from Haney confirms that impression.    On the
night of the new year, he went to 21st Street,
from 745 Broadway, finding a party assembled,
consisting chiefly of the Wheelers.   O�Brien was pre-
sent in his U. S. A. uniform.           They were all as
dull as could be, sitting apart, looking at prints
and books; but livened up presently.      Going to
the house, recently, Haney was told that Bellew
wasn�t at home, when Mrs. B. appearing contra-               
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