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Text for Page 169 [01-13-1862]

	      Howland returns to Paris.
indulgence in liquor.    He went some little dis-
tance in New Jersey, a few days ago, looking out
for a farm with intentions of purchasing.           He
has tried Haney and the Harpers about getting mo-
ney on a checque-book, the sum credited to his ac-
count being �50.         He expects more from England
but only a hundred or two.           This is the fortune
obtained with his little French wife.          They have
a child of which this great, rough Australian-
Irishman, Patrick Beckett Bellew seems very fond.
  14.  Tuesday.   In doors writing, drearily.  With
Boweryem to hear Lloyd Garrison on the �Aboli-
tionists and the War,� at the Cooper Institute.
Haney and Jack Edwards there; joined them.
To 745, with Jack and Haney afterwards.   Mr.
and Mrs. Edwards, the girls and Ann there.
  Howland went off to Europe again on the day 
intended, as I learnt from Mullen, who made his
acquaintance at Pfaff�s.   Among the things men-
tioned by Howland to me, during his call in com-
pany with Yewell, was that Stone had gone into the
army.   Howland saw him in the uniform of an officer,
in Boston.     (He was a spy under Gen. Butler afterwards.)
  15.  Wednesday.   In-doors all the sleety, drizzly,
sunless filthy day, worrying over last pages of story,
which I finished.      It�s rot, but I want to have
done with it.    I confidently expect it�s rejection by               
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