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Text for Page 172 [01-16-1862]

	     �Some Truth there was,
antecedents.    I have heard that he wrote thea-
trical pieces when in England.    My first know-
ledge of him occurred in 1853, when Glover
brought him to the �Picayune Office.�  He �travel-
led� with �Thad� a good deal in those days,
and has been more or less intimate with him
ever since.   Together they visited Allie and Jo-
sey �Vernon,� and of them Watson deposes as fol-
lows.     I have no earthly doubt that he would
lie just as readily as he would thieve, borrow,
bilk a tavern-keeper or landlady of a board-
ing-house, but inasmuch as he has no induce-
ment to do so, in this instance � except perhaps 
vanity of a characteristically odious sort � and
as the particulars detailed are probable and
akin to what I know of the woman, I incline
to credence in them.  �Allie Vernon�s� maiden
name � she was a maid once � was Marga-
ret Winship.     She is a New Yorker born and
has two sisters.   Watson knows nothing of one
of these.   Allie got married to a man in decent
position, left him with some man and turned
adventuress.   I have chronicled enough incidentally
of her in the �Lantern� and �Picayune� days:
she wrote trashy prose and worse poetry for
all the rabblement of New York weeklies, haunt-
ing the editorial sanctums and eking out her               
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