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Text for Page 005 [07-18-1849]

  18. Wednesday. Over to New York. After waiting some time 
at Stringer and Townsends for the former, strolled into the Park. 
Smoked a cigar, then back again. 	Saw Stringer. Declined taking 
my �Cholera in Gotham,� inasmuch as it would involve considerable 
outlay. Called in on Roberts, he not there, �sick.� Called on Book-
hart and other engravers. Bonar, lithographer, sketchman suggested 
our doing the things in common, if I don�t dispose of them. Called in 
at Bobbett and Edmunds, and had a proposal made by the former 
of getting up a Series on some other topic, they cutting them, and then 
offering to sell them to Stringer and Townsend.  Think it over. Home. 
Dined. Then in the afternoon wrote out a half score of subjects on 
�Mose among the Britishers.�	    Joe and George coming, we went over 
to New York. A stroll up Broadway, down Aubony[Albany?], and to that 
charming locality the �Five Points.� Negress prostitutes, Irish, black-
guards of all hues and nations, tumble down shantys, dancing cellars, 
spirits, stink, and crime.	 Calling in at the Shades, an hotel 
a la Anglais, in Reade Street, had a glass of ale, the Dispatch and 
  19. Thursday. To New York. Long�s, Ann Street. �Can�t 
venture to bring out anything now� � every body out of town. To Strongs 
Saw him, but he did not seem inclined to Venture. At Bobbett & 
Edmonds an hour or so, then to Jersey City and dinner. George               
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