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Text for Page 041 [10-15-1849]

              ing legend of a certain little girl who couldn�t understand 
how two and one made one, as many older Christians can�t, though
of course they believe it. Also would read no fiction, with other
lively and exciting traits of character.    /      In the evening
whist with Wing, Hugh and �Garry.�      /        Intermediate
rereading Swift�s Tale of a Tub. Fine �dialogue of the dead�
might occur in Hades between Swift, Sterne, (greater still, Rabelais
and Aristophanes.
  16. Tuesday. Drawing till night. Very, very blue-devilled.
�S�blood, I�m as melancholy as a gib-cat or a lugged bear�
�My only comfort is to know
My dubbolt fortune is so low
That either it must quickly end
Or elseway turn about and mend.�
Finished letter for Boutcher in the evening. ([words crossed out])
  17. Wednesday. Drawing all day.
  18. Thursday. Drawing. In the afternoon letters from
Joe; and Sartain returning an order for my payment � for
the which I felt thankful to God, with all my heart.	    Playing
back gammon with Wing in the Evening.   Also a game at whist.
  19. Friday. Still at work on Mr. Robert�s tract. A bit of a
walk in the evening with Wing. To the quondam Pork Store, for a
pair of books I had entrusted to the Hebraical son of Crispin for repara-               
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