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Text for Page 023 [11-16-1851]

              amount, of pencil work done for Holbrook, I walked thought
fully on, feeling as if able to take breath for the first time
during the past mind and body wearying week.   Arrived
at the Hospital, supped with Barth & Beukman, anon
in came Creecy.   Set to work after supper and wrote
six pages or so of �Ike,� Chapter 6.   Barth hammering away
at Lecture the Second of Doctor Doodle.   Finished mine,
and then, as wait striding up and down adding to, cavilling
at, and suggesting notions for it.   Roasted potatoes on
the fire at about midnight, talked for another hour or 
more, then each to his bed, feeling as friendly as in old
schoolboy time. [words crossed out]
  17 Monday.   Wrote till ten, then took boat, and with
the fat wife of [word crossed out] Livers  was rowed over to
New York by Connor, she manifesting alarm to my amount
and exhorting �Connors�, (pluralizing his name)  to do
all sorts of impossibilities.   To Traveler Office with MS.
Hawkins there.   The printer sick, the other qualifying
himself to be so, by being out on a �burst.�   Lockington
the little English engraver at work there, as this week
Holbrook hath engaged him, by the week.   Talked awhile
then to Franklin Street, dined, and fell to work on
the wood blocks, did caricature [words crossed out]
[words crossed out] by sunset, took it down to the Office,
and from thence to the room Holbrook hath hired at               
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