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Text for Page 173 [01-16-1862]

          But dashed and brewed with Lies.�
miserable gains by prostitution with such per-
sons as suited her interest or fancy.      The vul-
turous-looking John Watson kept her; the proof
of which enabled her husband to gain a divorce.
At the period when Levison was in England; 
when Haney, newly-installed, at Jim Parton�s
instance, as hack-editor of the �Picayune,� was
scribbling in the Spruce Street sanctum (now
the �Courier� office) and fretting at the rabble
of lewd actors and counter-jumpers which Glover
used to bring there; when Allie was making 
eyes at him and putting her feet promiscuously
on those of anybody who might be seated at the
desk; when she brought Josey thither, who
talked idiotic baby-gabble and dressed like
a Bowery g�hal with a rush of colors to the head,
when I used to chaff Allie about her poetry,
and be considered cynical; when all these things
were transpiring, Glover and Watson (my in-
formant) were in high feather with the two sis-
ters.      They visited them at the women�s residence
up-town, staying there all night.     Glover had to
do, first with Allie, then with Josey, and Wat-
son followed his example.   Josey, vain, fool-
ish and monstrously affected, had been �seduced�
(it is really a prostitution of the word to apply
it to either of these sisters) by �Dolly� Davenport,               
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