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Text for Page 174 [01-16-1862]

	Allie, Josie, Glover and Watson.
the actor when about fifteen or sixteen years
old.      She formed a passion for Glover in con-
sequence of his fool�s face resembling that of Da-
venport.      Allie was a good sister to her, kept
her, and tried to preserve her from the impurity
into which she herself was precipitated, but
vanity and meretricousness had their sway,
and the two whored in common.  Josey becoming
pregnant by Glover, that lewd, vicious person,
who is yet capable of small cunning, devised a pro-
ject to fasten the responsibility upon Watson, who
being as intimate as his �friend� was with Allie,
had information of the trick from her.
In pursuance of it he was left alone with the
younger sister for two hours, and this commen-
his intercourse with Josey.   Finally she was sent 
into Connecticut at Glover�s cost, where an abor-
tion was procured, when she was six months gone
with child.    �It cost,� said Watson, �over $100.�
He, it seems, was the means of introducing Allie
to the miserable little Coville, who was really mar-
ried to her.      Coville saw both sisters at a theatre,
and struck with Josey�s beauty, became very
desirous of making her acquaintance.     Just then
she was engrossed by her passion for Glover,
so Allie made play and secured him as a hus-
band within a week or so after the introduc-               
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