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Text for Page 175 [01-16-1862]

	     Allie�s second Marriage.
tion.   �Hullo, Allie!� said Watson, one day,
when she made her appearance at the �Picayune�
office, with Coville, �how are you?�      �Mrs. Co-
ville, if you please!� she responded.        She des-
pised Coville, marrying him only that she might
be kept.    He was an ignorant little cub but a
good dentist.     His family was wroth at the
acquisition, but helped him, and for a year or
two, I fancy, Allie�s life may have been less raf-
fish than heretofore.        
In instincts she was thoroughly Bohemian.
Haney has told me of her coming into the
�Picayune� with some money in her hand � two or
three bills � the Sunday papers having unexpectedly
paid up � when she told Glover that if he�d
visit her that evening, she�d give him one of the
best oyster stews or �roasts� that could be had in
New York City.         Glover, with a delighted face,
agreed.       I remember her inviting me to visit
her, more than once, but I never went.      Banks
did, but for a very few times, his bawling
tavern talk and Satyr-gallantry displeased
the women.   Allie must now, as Mrs. Eytinge,
be better off for material comforts than ever before
in her life; for she and her sister led but mise-
rable lives:   �They didn�t make it Pay,� depones
Watson �� and they might have done so!�  Glover               
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