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Text for Page 176 [01-16-1862]

	Stories about Lotty.
seems to have got up a certain amount of pseudo-
sentiment about Josey; for when Cahill rallied
him about her with characteristic freedom, he
affected remorse, said he had seduced her
&c.      And Watson tells a story, how going
accidentally into a shop with Glover, he descried
Josey, looking handsome and dressed in deep
mourning, I know not on what occasion.
Glover, who had seen nothing of her for a year 
or more, was quite overcome; she beheld and
passed by him quite unmoved.         This �Thad.�
Glover is a married man and has six children.
  Now about another of Allie�s sisterhood,
� Lotty.   Watson knew her during her engagement
at Wallack�s Theatre, then denominated the �Sum-
mer Garden.�   She played the whore with Daven-
port, with Glover, with others unnamed.      It was
commonly known in the theatre that she visited
�Dolly� at his lodgings opposite the remaining
whole afternoons with him.          Granville, whom
Watson only knew as Alleyne, was supposed to
know and to philosophically indifferent to his
wife�s harlotries.          I got these items amid
others concerning the harlotry players, all
confirmatory of Le Sage�s estimate of them as a
class.     My nauseous little informant spoke of
charming little suppers in which both the men               
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