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Text for Page 178 [01-18-1862]

	          F. B. at Crook & Duff�s.
scrimmage seemed imminent.  Some blows were ex-
changed.       Cahill got back to the house in such
a drunken condition that he couldn�t tell when or
how Watson followed him.             Writing till 4,
a letter to Boutcher, among other things, then down
town amid the rain, slush and miry snow.
Met Banks.    Looked into Haney�s, finding him
with Oscanyan.    At Crook and Duff�s found
Bellew at the counter, eating a bowl of oyster-soup.
Beckett soon joined us, looking like a model navvy.
Brightly passed.         Thad. Glover came up, talk-
ed of his approaching departure for Havana, was
chaffed about his �Secesh� tendencies, and told me
about the row, last night, at Shield�s �House of
Commons,� previously chronicled.  Up town with
the two Bellews presently.        F. B. told me that
he was at home during my last call, �the girl
was stupid � had a habit of making mistakes,�
requesting me to visit him on the morrow, and to
insist that �the girl� go up stairs for him.       In in-
fer that Mrs. B. is adverse to his accessibility.   In-
doors all the evening.
  19.  Sunday.   In doors all the dreary, rainy,
muddy, sunless day until 7 � P. M., then left
note at the residence of the Robertsons inviting
them to a �cold swarry� in any attic tomorrow night.
Boweryem was with them, as I knew, he having               
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