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Text for Page 180 [01-19-1862]

	      My Attic Entertainment.
asked me to accompany him.        Thence to Bellew�s,
according to appointment.  (He himself opened the
door this time.)     Up-stairs with him and Beckett
till 11 or later, Beckett asleep on his back, on a
sofa during the greater part of the evening, and
Bellew and I incubating subjects for the next �Brid-
get of Fun.�  A dull time of it, and out-of-doors
in harmony with the occasion.
  20.  Monday.   A little drawing.     Down town by
4, to get a few articles for �swarry,� which came
off in due time, when Boweryem and I had
completed the arrangements.    It comprised a
savoury pork-pie (one of two sent to me by the
hearty Tews, from Canada), sardines, half a 
dozen bottles of ale, and grog, in the shape 
of hollands and whiskey.    The Robertsons ap-
peared about 8.     Softlty came up two hours
later from his quartette club, our landlady
honored us with her presence for half an hour
Our guests decidedly enjoyed the affair, which
went off jollily with eating, drinking, and sing-
ing.      Cahill was invited, but attendance on a
firemen�s ball, in his reportorial capacity, kept
him away.     We broke up at about midnight.
  21.  Tuesday.   Cutler back here, from the army
of the Potomac.  He has been in the commissariat
department of the Sickles brigade, as an assistant               
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