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Text for Page 181 [01-21-1862]

	          Frank Wood�s Lecture.
to Bancker.   The brigade is encamped on the Mary-
land shore of the lower Potomac, with the Secesh on
t�other side of the river.       Talk with him about things.
He�s a thin, good-humored Connecticut fellow, of
no special marked characteristics.             Loafing,
doing chores and drawing.     Haney came at 6,
dined and stayed the evening.      Boweryem pre-
sent.      Just before Haney�s arrival Frank Wood
ascended to me, with tickets for his lecture, to be
given at the Brooklyn Athaeneum.  Talking of it
he said he should tell the story of Dodge in Char-
leston as an instance of the generally despicable be-
havior of Northerners in the South!      I could have
suggested another equally pertinent.
  22.  Wednesday.   To Harpers� with sketch &c.
Bonner out of town � at Quebec.   To the �Evening
Post� office and elsewhere in search of work, return-
ing to Bleecker Street tired and heart-sick.        After
lunch Bellew came up, wanting me to help him on
some drawings.   So we set off together walking to
22nd street.       Mrs. Bellew, he said, was sick; had
been so for some weeks; Beckett off in New Jersey
about the farm project.         We worked together in
the big back room till the shades of evening necessi-
tated the lighting of the gas, I feeling anachronis-
tic � as if time had gone back for four or five years
and I was drawing for him, in 27th street, with               
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