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Text for Page 024 [11-17-1851]

              the corner of Ann Street, (where Badean the Engraver
lives, whom [word crossed out]  I did so furiously dun for the $6.)
Found him there, with a certain Englishman, not
long arrived.   Back to Traveler Office, thence returned
to Franklin Street.     Drawing on wood, two things on
the �Forrest Case� in the evening.
  18. Tuesday. To Traveler Office with drawings,
Thence into Bartons, for blocks, having lots of 
Rebusses and such small [deer?] there to do.  Then
into Miller, finished Public School [words crossed out]
[word crossed out]  Then back to Traveler Office, drawing Reveille
rebusses &c.  Joe called  after supper, and after 
an hours more drawing down town with him, to
the Office, where I found they had not as yet set up
Ike, so had to wait for proofs.   Over to the corner
of Ann Street, where Lockington was at work with his
English crony.   Ale and roasted potatoes.  There an
hour, then back to Traveler, [words crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[line crossed out]
  19. Wednesday.   Drawing &cs for Reveille, 
having finished them, to the Office, and got $1.50
To Traveler Office, paper not out yet.  To the place               
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