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Text for Page 185 [01-23-1862]

	  A Split between Nast & Eytinge.
therefore &c., &c.     Next day, at the office of the
�Illustrated News,� Sol (doubtless pulling his mous-
tache and scowling) produced another letter from
Maggie.  �I shall not take it!� said Tommy (ac-
curately informed of the contents of his wife�s note;
and having, in addition, devoted himself to inquiries
about Mrs. Sol�s character, with odorous results):
�the letter did not require any answer!�      Sol,
indignant, despatches his wife�s reply by a boy,
to Nast�s residence.    Tommy immediately sends off
another, with instructions to Sally not to receive
any letter during that day.         But either Sol�s
messenger did outrun that of Tommy, or Sally�s
curiosity induced disregard of marital behests;
she got the letter and read it.           Only one sentence
has reached us:     �I was amused,� wrote Mrs. Mag-
gie Eytinge, �at your reason for &c., &c., considering
the character of those with whom you have been
intimately associated with during the last year
or two!�        Since then a coolness has occurred
between Nast and Eytinge.       Poor Sol! what fierce
nocturnal reminders he must be subject to!         What
a Nemisis this Allie Vernon business has involved
more than one in!       Jim Parton told Haney
this: I can imagine how the latter felt at the
prospect of Allie Vernon�s introduction to Sally!
  Alf Waud has dropped the �Illustrated News,�               
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