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Text for Page 187 [01-24-1862]

	    John Watson denunciatory.
Dana.   Asked him to give me something to do and
had a friendly chat; he promised, with apparent
sincerity, to send me off as correspondent when an
opportunity occurred.             With Bellew to Har
pers; found the tall Watson sitting in the immense
store room waiting for somebody.   He was vultu-
rously ill-conditioned, apparently hard-up and un-
der a cloud.         He said he had given up soldiering
� that he couldn�t get accepted � it had cost him
some thousands of dollars (of course a lie) and left
him flat on his back.        He came thither to try and
raise a little money � had seen Fletcher Harper �
who had refused to advance him any money � well!
he couldn�t blame him, as he, Watson, was already
in their debt.         They had articles of his, Watson�s,
writing which Guernsey wouldn�t use.   He didn�t 
speak to Guernsey, who was a sneak, a cur, a snob,
a hypocrite, no gentleman.       He, Watson, hadn�t
gone round and kissed the backsides of everybody
about the establishment, and that had done him
injury.   With much more skimble-skamble stuff
of equal weight.           Back to Crook and Duff�s
with Bellew.         Bill Waud there, confessedly
rather �letting go� than �just holding on� � nothing
to do, I judge.     Glover, Brightly, White, Banks,
Beckett Bellew and others present in little groups.
Presently F. B. went to see his brother off by the               
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