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Text for Page 188 [01-24-1862]

	    Bellew bolts from Mrs. B.
cars.     Left the others, ascended to the �World�
sanctum and saw Marble on a similar errand
to that which took me to Dana.    Uptown. Scrib-
bling hard during the evening, at new story &c.,
a dreary night outside, with hail dashing at the
window panes.
  25.  Saturday.   A beastly day, hail, sleet,
snow and rain; the streets without being in a dreary
plight of saturated snow and anke-deep slush.
Writing in-doors all day, story and article, with
intent to offer the latter to the �Post� or �Tribune.�
Cold and sore-throat accompaniment.
  26.  Sunday.   Came Haney before I was up,
�in search of a truant husband.�      Mrs. Bellew
had sent her girl to Haney�s boarding-house,
with the information that F. B. had not returned
home last night.   We concluded that he had gone
to Paterson, to his brother�s, appending the Welsh
verdict of �Served her Right.�    Haney went on
his way down town, purporting to make a few 
casual inquiries, but not to waste his Sunday
by a trip into Jersey.          In doors till the after-
noon, then strolled out into the cold, clear,
windy, slippery street.    Up Broadway indefi-
nitely, then to Bellew�s, pretty certain that he
had returned by this time, in which I was right.
He opened the door to me.  Up stairs, and to-               
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