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Text for Page 025 [11-19-1851]

              in Pearl Street, meeting Picton by the way, who told me
he�d nothing to do just now.   That he had ended with
a quarrel with Atwood; � that the Deutsche paper would-
not pay enough &c.     Left tracings of drawings of the
rest of the Roman edifices with Miller.   Back to the
Traveler Office, scribbling & helping Holbrook.   A letter
came from Genins for me, went there, he out.   Dinner
Evening at my own disposal.  Sat half an hour in the
room with Mr and Mrs Cunningham, (who however
design quitting this abode next week, being obliged to
take out part of the sum owed by the Dickies to them,
they having found em� defaulter in the first payment.)
Bye the bye, I wonder what some men have done to deserve
wives, and domestic comfort.   Now Hooper, the elder, is an
arrant snob, felt hard satisfaction when he heard of the
failure of Strong�s paper, because forsooth Strong had rather
take an advertisment of his to the Office of a paper, that
pay a Collector, and thus run an account with him. �I
don�t know of anyone I�d rather have heard of losing money
from Strong,� said he.  �I�m heartily sorry he has lost money�
said I.     Don�t like these men who get livings neither by
producing or selling anything.   It�s nasty, middle-men, 
dodgery business.   Yet this snob�s got a wife who likes
him, a snug room and a fireside.      Cunningham is
better, but there�s many things one don�t like in him.               
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