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Text for Page 195 [01-26-1862]

	       A Foregone Conclusion.
cial sent up to her, I remarked � a chop.   Be-
fore that Allie had come to us, in the upper room,
with a request that her father should compound
a cool drink, based on pineapple, for her mother,
which he did.            We smoked many pipes and
drank ale during our converse, Bellew occasionally
striding about, after his manner.      I liked the
fellow very much, and felt very sorry for him.
It�s another confirmation of the truth that the
worst place in the world to look for a wife in, is
another man�s bed.         I�ve no doubt she makes
the origin of their marriage a reproach to him.
�You�ve got me now, and wouldn�t dare to do so
and so, but for my having left my husband &c,
&c.�   Women of that stamp invariably sting
in the most sensitive places.      I wish I could
write my Book of Bitches, � it�s a task that
ought to be done.              A cold, icy, starry,
windy night, past 1, when I got to Bleecker
  27.  Monday.   Sun out for the first time in
three or four days � hurrah!      Scribbling story.
A note from nephew Edwards, now at Cairo, Illi-
nois.      Here it is, condensed:   Ordered hither � 
through Missouri � Hannibal and St. Joe. R. R �
twelve miles march from Palmyra to Quincy �
bridges burnt � snow, 6 inches deep � wet feet �               
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