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Text for Page 196 [01-27-1862]

	Nephew Edward Campaigning.
slept on floors in bar-rooms � people kind �
cattle cars � Missouri detestable � Illinois agrea-
ble � Cairo a muddy hole (as I very well know)
� lots of troops � sent across to Fort Holt in
Kentucky � log-houses, forts and cannon � no
pay for two and a half months  have to get it
soon � expedition down the river came back, having
blazed away at Columbus, killing forty �rebels�
� got newspapers � write to me.         God send
the lad safely back to his mother again, some
day.             Down town, to F. Leslie�s, the E.
P. office;  saw Maverick; to Crook and Duff�s.
Bellew, F. Wood and old Thorpe there, anon
Joe. Harper.   With Bellew to F. Leslie�s; then
parted.      Up town.    Scribbling in the evening,
till 11 or later.          Haney looked in for a fifteen
minutes on his return from skating and the
Central Park.     We talked of Bellew.   Mrs. B.
had despatched a letter to Haney yesterday mor-
ning � one that filled him with disgust.   It ex-
horted him to neither eat, nor drink; to scour the
city � go to Paterson � hither, thither, every where,
to find and bring back Bellew.    �Me so near death,
too!�   Rot!       This running up bills for quanti-
ties of shoes seems to be a special weakness with
the woman; she did it when they were at Tar-
rytown, in disobedience to his special economie               
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