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Text for Page 197 [01-27-1862]

	A Birthday and a Marriage.
injunctions.       I fancy that her father (who seems
a decent old boy) isn�t privy to the state of
things between his daughter and her husband; the
mother knows and abets Mrs. Bellew.
  28.  Tuesday.   Indoor all the detestable day
scribbling.  At 9 to 745.  Found quite a party
of droppers-in there, Morris, a Mr. Pratt (a
Britisher of one years trans atlantic experience)
Mr. Russell, young Honeywell, Mr. and Mrs. 
Edwards, the girls, Ann, and Jack.       Anon
Haney entered.      The day was Eliza�s 
seventeenth birthday, in honor of which her father
brewed a jorum of the famous punch and we had
a bit of a jollification, with songs &c.    Selwyn
and Hayes appeared late in the evening, the
latter have arrived, this morning, from Philadel-
phia, for the purpose of assisting his brother-in-law
in scene-painting at Niblo�s.      Kept it up till 
about 1 o�clock.
  29.  Wednesday.   Down town to Harper�s;
Bonner not yet returned.   Through the drizzle,
snow and slush, which constituted as beastly a
day as could be conceived, to Trinity Church, too
late to witness the marriage of Jack Crockett,
which occurred at noon precisely.       Passed Nast
returning from it and met Haney.          There had
been a large show of friends at the wedding, in-               
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