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Text for Page 198 [01-29-1862]

	Leggat advises Alf Waud.
cluding Damoreau, his wife and family, Nicho-
las, Mr. Edwards, Matty, Eliza and Jack.
The latter party had just bowled off up Broadway,
in an omnibus.    With Haney to his office.   Bellew
came.      (I had met him before at Harper�s and
walked with him to Frank Leslie�s, during
which time he had mentioned that, requiring a
change of physicians, he had been advised to call
in Blakeman to his wife.            The woman takes
scarcely any exercise � hardly ever stirs out of 
doors.)          Beckett Bellew followed his brother;
Morris appeared also.               Left them, looked
into �Vanity Fair� office, to see Shanley, now
installed as editor, during the absence of �Arte-
mus Ward,� while lecturing.        Up-town, dreary
enough � hard-up, out of sorts, and
with an atrocious cold and sore throat.  Banks
came up into my room to make an inquiry.   He
exhibited, too, an advertisment out from the �Il-
lustrated News,� warning people not to cash a
draught for $40, sent by Leggat, the proprietor
to Alf Waud � as payment had been stopped.
Speculations thereupon; Banks going to write to
Alf about it.             Into omnibus and down town
to Haney�s.    Together to the Jersey City Ferry,
where we found Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, Jack,               
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