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Text for Page 202 [01-30-1862]

	       A Letter from Home.
all the day � �when awake he does nothing but
groan and cough� � Edwin going off to work
at some great house in Worcestershire � not
an hilarious Christmas Day at home � Charles
better in health but looking somber and dull,
complaining of the Bagsters � �says he must bear
it, because he is married� � his wife �looks
much as usual� � Sam troubled with an ulce-
rated lip � Minnie pretty well � Boutcher
drawing for the New Exhibition � Aunt Bessy
living in bad health near Bath � Minnie
just arrived at our house � servant Alice coming
in from Gainer the butcher with the
news that there would be no war with America
� �I thank God on my knees for the same.�
A poem of Rosa�s, copied by Naomi and the
Evening Hymn from Keble�s Christmas Year.
In doors all day, at night to Bellew�s.        Found
him in company with a friendly ex-landlord of his,
who was boring him considerably.   He soon left.
Bellew was nervous from staying in doors and
harassed by the state of his wife, had been unable
to work all day.   He said he had a disagreeable
duty to perform, to deny Mrs. Bellew the use of
choloro chloroform, which she has been addicted to for
over a year � also laudanum � that Blakeman
strictly forbade it and he was resolved to obey him.               
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