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Text for Page 026 [11-19-1851]

              He upholds slavery, and abuses Kossuth.   Just on
the principle that most do � hating to hear Aristides
continually called the Just.   Such [words crossed out] men
as Kossuth [words crossed out] 	are con-
tinual rebukes to dirty little souls; � it reminds 
them of their own insignificence. /  Yet his wife
loves the man, has nursed him through long sick-
ness, and puts by [word crossed out] notable dinners for him.
What the devil right have they to wives, who can�t
begin to know what a woman is worth, in heart and
mind and person?                 Now however for one of
a different sort though � the [words crossed out]
everlastingly talking Mrs Kidder!     Bye the bye
they know her here.   Mrs Leave, hearing Goodall,
young actor and close friend of Lotty�s, (so she told
me, once,)  having asking me when I last saw �our
friend Mrs Kidder) � immediately broke in with-
What, for goodness� sake do you know Mrs Kidder.
I think everybody knows Mrs Kidder.)          Went
there, found her alone, and let her talk.  News
of Lotty.  How they wanted her to work at dress-ma-
king till 10 at night or so, and she wouldn�t stand
it.   How a letter arrived from a manager of a theatre
there, a Mr Warkin, who having heart her sing,
from outside the house,  wished her to appear on the               
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