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              [newspaper clipping]
	   	     MY DREAM.
                         BY ROSA ANNA GUNN.
I dream of the summer, �midst the wide grassy hills,
Where the sunshine is kissing the wandering rills,
And coaxing the flow�rets to bloom all day long,
And teaching the birds their melodious song;
While gladness and music seem clasp�d hand in hand,
In that beautiful spot of my beautiful land.

I dream of the summer on the uplands so fair,
Where the spirit of light holds grand festival there,
And far, far away, in the blue vaulted sky,
Like soft-winged cherubs the white clouds float by;
While the voices of insects, and breath of wild flowers
Hold sweetest communion through long summer hours.

I dream of the summer, where the dim shadows creep
�Neath the trees, where the sunshine seems falling
While each green leaf reflects in its wondrous fold
Back the sunshine�s farewell in a glory of gold;
While the trees tell in whispers of nature�s fair
Lest they waken the wee birds that sleep in their arms.

Oh, I dream of the summer, the whole summer day,
And dream all its beauty is passing away,
Like an army are gath-ring far off o�er the main,
The cold wind and wild tempest, the hail and the rain,
Old King Winter will lead them, and fair things lay
And spread o�er the vanquished his banner of snow.

I wake from my dreaming, to think of that shore,
Where a summer-day�s gladness will rest evermore,
For the smile of my Saviour�s ineffable love
Is the sunshine that brightens that country above:
There a dream that is found, where no waking shall
From the peace and the joy of that beautiful home.               
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