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Text for Page 204 [01-30-1862]

He went out to get brandy for her at her request.
We sat talking till past midnight, it evidently
doing him good to ease his mind a little.    A
dreary, slippery walk attic-wards.
  31.  Friday.   Down-town with Cahill.    Met Mul-
len and Jack Arnold, both hard-looking, the for-
mer spotting in physiognomy.  They spoke of
George Arnold, temporarily in town, from his
long sojourn at the Phalanx in Jersey, busily
engaged in knocking down what superfluous health
he has amassed, in the tavern and brothel.        Ac-
cording to Banks, when G. A. went thither, he
had reached the secondary stage of syphilis;
his eyebrows and hair coming out  so much for
practical Bohemianism.    Banks, by the way,
offered unsolicited testimony about Bellew�s con-
jugal unhappiness, allowing to his looking mise-
rable.)          To Harper�s; saw Bonner, just
returned from Canada � story not read yet,
which sounded like a reprieve.   To �Vanity
Fair�; saw Shanley, who said that O�Brien
had succeeded in Washington, in getting an
appointment on the staff of Colonel Lander �
he with whom Hitchings went to the Rocky Moun-
tains.      Frank Wood is now in Boston, as �hagent�
for one of the Bateman girls; he did ultra-anglo-
phobic foaming of the mouth at the giving-up               
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